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thank you for every happy morning😍 the day starts better when you're with me...my energizer, adore you💗
And a special thank you for the crown))) now I'm a real princess. Your princess
Each TOP1 week is like a different story that is memorized for a long time. This week gave me many new friends and also showed what you are willing to do for me, I'm so grateful to you that you gave me a rest day on Sunday and gave me the opportunity to enjoy the victory. I will forever remember this amusing evening with you and beautiful music. A man with a big heart and a rich inner world. I always feel you and understand from a half-word. Thank you that you are always with me and protect me❤
While other men make girls do dirty things, you give me positive emotions and a smile. Adore you❤
Every girl in the world dreams of a man like you. I can endlessly list those qualities that you have: an intelligent, caring, attentive, interesting, excellent sense of humor, it's always easy for you to talk on any topic, I can learn something new from you. You always inspire me. I know that you don't have much free time, but when we are together, we are the strongest team. Thank you for the explosion of emotions that you gave me this week. You are my legend. And I'm happy to be your TOP1 girl❤
In meinem Herzen immer strahlt ein Sternchen, und dass bist du❤
Und wenn uns viele Meilen trennen, ich bin so froh, dass wir uns kennen. Weil Du so was besonders bist!♥
I want to say thank you very much just for the fact that you are in my life, for the fact that with each passing day you make it more amazing, brighter and more interesting. There are practically no such people like you, and it's a great happiness to have in your environment such a sympathetic, kind, understanding and sensitive person. Thank you for your help and support! I really want to embrace squaw you!
Your little Kris❤
♥Der Tag beginnt, die Sonne scheint♥
♥und wenn auch mal der Himmel weint♥
♥dann denk an mich und glaube mir♥
♥ich schick die Sonne schnell zu Dir♥