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34, Taurus, United States
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Important details of JanessJoplin
Sexual PreferenceBisexual
Height5'4" - 5'6" [160cm - 170cm]
Weight180 - 200 lbs [80 - 90 kg]
Pubic HairTrimmed
What makes me horny
About me
I am new to the camgirl world but Im here to ROCK N ROLL!
What turns me off
And degradation or disrespect of others
What We do on webcam

Thank you for stopping by JanessLand! I'm super glad to have YOU as my audience!!  I am a musician who loves to sing, and play guitar, bass or keys! I am happy to jam some songs for all to hear in my main room!  I know covers that span from the 70's through to contemporary songs as well, and I know A LOT of songs.  I REALLY need to practice to keep my voice in shape, and I really enjoying performing!

In JanessLand, there are no tits or naked ass in the main room, please dont even ask. I will generally have ample cleavage, I do spend time getting pretty for you, and I will even give ya a Piece Of My Heart if you ask nice.  

If you are interested in seeing more than just the musical performance, I am happy to offer Private Janessland Sessions that cater to what you are looking for. Maybe you have a specific idea of what you want to see, or maybe you you will just be blown away by the intuitive performance I will give you in private.  Send me a private message and we can discuss further!!! 

  I will have photos for sale soon as well, and I will have social media site links up soon too. 


Musical Disclaimer....

I LOVE MUSICALS. There is no way around it. I am even writing my own.  I regularly love to listen to Hamilton, and Book Of Mormon makes me smile on a sad day like nothing else in the world! (Except for maybe South Park. And if you arent a South Park watcher, you arent going to understand some of the references and jokes I make, but that's OK!) 

JanessJoplin Wish List
The funds to get my Yamaha 88 Key Piano fixed!!!
The funds to get my Yamaha 88 Key Piano fixed!!!
I love playing Gaga and Alicia Keys songs!! I am missing my piano soooo much. It is a 15 year old Yamaha that needs a new jack for where the electric plugs in and I cant find anyone who knows how to fix it without going to the bug city, so ANY help towards getting my keyboard fix will make my heart sing with delight!!!
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The Fundage To Hire Blues Saraceno to produce Demo
The Fundage To Hire Blues Saraceno to produce Demo
My favorite musician/producer/composer Blues Saraceno lives in LA and I have always dreamed of the opportunity to work with him, but havent been able to afford the cost to hire him to produce/record a demo recording with me....This is a pipedream bucketlist Wish, but it is what my heart has desired for almost decades now. Besides, you should check out Blues Saraceno! If you watch TV at all you have already heard him and you dont even realize it!!!
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100$ Amazon Gift Card
100$ Amazon Gift Card
Give your favorite model an Amazon Gift Card which never expires and can be redeemed towards lots of items on amazon.com!!!! I have taken on a lot of debt to get this cam project up and running, and all the wigs, make up, costumes, and stuff it takes to make a normal person look like a rock star arent inexpensive! Just recently I have purchased from Amazon: Lighting, multiple wigs, the web can you see me on, the microphone you can hear me through, and so much more that goes into the behind the scenes magic to make my characters come alive!! I can get just about everything I need on amazon, even things for my normal day life (like I just got a bunch of flower seeds to plant in my geodesic dome greenhouse!) So, if you would love to patron my arts, baby you'll be my fave!
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For Your Happiness!
For Your Happiness!
May Everyone Be Happy! May Everyone Be Free From Misery! May No One Ever Be Separated From Their Happiness! May Everyone Have Equanimity, Free From Hatred And Attachment And May We Evolve To Homo Galacticus SOON!!
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